A-Squared: A response from The Vertical Side Show

A-Squared Festival 

November 10, 2018 Co-presented by A-Squared Theater, Asian Improv aRts Midwest, and Links Hall (*)

Featured Performances By:  Natya Dance Theater, Stir-Friday Night!, and Sugimoto/Hatwich Duo

image credit: ‘Natya Dance Theater’ by Ravi Ganapathy


An immaculate line-up of artists all rostered –
Proud of their heritage and the hope that they fostered.
An overwhelming experience with the text underpinned,
That it can’t thrive without the diversity within.
A whole dynasty of artists who are often unseen,
Straddling a line (or stuck in between?)
Cultures of music, of dance, of feeling,
And a struggle to break through that bamboo ceiling.
We can’t tell you enough how it tugged at our heart
to see artists so proud to just show us their art
regardless of ethnicity, bloodlines, or race, leaving the crowd with one collective, smiling face.


The Vertical Side Show- From the creative mind of the 2013 International King of Burlesque, Ray Gunn, comes The Vertical Side Show – an immersive, theatrical mash-up of burlesque, drag, circus arts, live music, dance, and comedy. With inspiration taken from story-based spectacles like Circque Du Soleil and classic ballets, this site-specific show surrounds the audience and immerses them in an unpredictable line-up of performances.  Each Vertical Side Show presents a new story, ranging from the absurd to melodramatic, through a Dr. Seussian lead narrator and a band of talented misfits. 

(*) PRJ is partnering with Links Hall to celebrate their 40th anniversary by providing a platform for artist-to-artist responses to the work that is presented as part of the Pay-the-40th-Forward season.

Thank you, Links Hall, for all that you do for the dance and performance communities in Chicago. Congratulations on 40 years!