The Fate of Trust: A response by Fujima Yoshinojo

A response to Carole McCurdy’s ((((((((((waver)))))))))))

September 15-23, 2017 Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago

Concept + Direction: Carole McCurdy
Choreography + Performance: Geoff Guy, Irene Hsiao, Carole McCurdy, Harlan Rosen, Pamela Strateman, M Wu
Live Vocal + Time Bundle: Eli Halpern
Revolution: Mina Büker
Projection Design: Francesca Talenti
Sound Design: Gray Castle Studios
Technical Direction: Jon Satrom
Tango Design: Carole McCurdy
Shoecraft: Chad Hagedorn
Stage Management: Aurora Tabar

image by: Ryan Greenlee


What to expect…

Can one   experience,


…..observe,   observe    “trust” ?

There is no narrative. ‘As two bodies intertwine, and almost become one. ‘

The markers of time slowly disintegrate away as the darkened room surrounds you with the sounds of breathing, anticipation, and curiosity.

The sensations take turns passing around the magic megaphone into the mind. The eyes are always hungry. The ears, always the jealous sibling, grasp greedily towards the cadence and the beats… so that one is left with impressions…

….thoughts that occur as you watch,

as you observe….. observe… leaving footprints trailing behind

As you glance back to check that progress has been made, you have actually been moving through your mental space….

The darkness frees the mind to wander; if the eyes feel secure in their duties of anchoring reality, the mind most certainly enjoys the increased leg room.

image by: Ryan Greenlee

As the thoughts reflect and continue to stroll (or tumble) through the landscape/soundscape/mindscape, the constructs of the piece slowly form,

……quite unobtrusively. The dancers are embedded into ….no…. they inhabit the piece, making one wonder what part of the audio wave they use as bed covers to keep warm.

Partner-ings are noted and appreciated, but impermanence is the unsurprising and expected norm. Somewhere within this mélange, you do not notice the gradual buildup in the consciousness, the coalescing of expectations, the “givens” of a mutual understanding. The feelings of give and take, confidence and trust are formed and developed, and can be seen.

But what of after?

What is the fate of trust?



Fujima Yoshinojo is a Guest Editor for PRJ.