Body Crossing: A response by Sara Zalek

Performance by Sarah Gottlieb and Alba Soto July 2, 2016 Unlock Hause, Image by: Christy Morton

Enter fast breathing, above the tug push/pull of beneath. The sign slow appeared, carried by bodies made of wood, of stiff limbs and angles.
As if on a
Wave, trembling,
A long tool, the carpet banger erupts into a silver bowl on the floor.
These bodies entangled,
Crossing. Often.

Then appears the mask, the smile, the shake begins that keeps on going, going, going.

Until the smile becomes a grimace, and then…I don’t remember anymore, perhaps a dream later told me what she felt, as she squeezed her breasts to her chest, asking with her whole body, some call for help, not as a victim, but as a warrior. Only asking to be witnessed.